Day One

Figuring Out Fulfillment

Happy New Year, everyone! Unless you’re in Cwn Gwaun, a village in Wales that still celebrates according the Julian calendar and observes New Year’s Day on January 13. Or in China, where the New Year starts somewhere between January 20 and February 20, depending on the moon. Nowruz is the first day of the New Year in the Persian Calendar, celebrated on or about March 21 in places throughout Central Asia. In Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, and many parts of India, the New Year begins in mid-April. The Ethiopian New Year’s Day is normally on September 11. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, starts on September 13 this year, but can take place as late as October. The Islamic New Year also moves from year to year, and will take place this year on October 13. 2015-calendar

So many New Year’s Days! Is there really anything special about January 1? Despite…

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